Company Overview

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Welcome To BlissFresh

Bliss Dairy Fresh Private Limited (BDFPL), incorporated in 2013. After investing more than 3 years in streamlining the farm processes, overcoming the teething veterinary issues, establishment of its own supply chain, BDFPL launched its own premium milk brand viz. “BlissFresh” which is delivered through its select set of distributors across MMR REGION. The entire supply chain is controlled by BDFPL. Milk is delivered in ice cold boxes to retain freshness. BDFPL packages own dairy milk and also procures milk from other farms in the region. BDFPL is registered with FSSAI as Producers & Distributors of Milk Products. 

 Subsequently, Bliss Dairy Fresh Pvt. Ltd. acquired the land, Plant and machinery, brands of Saikrupa Dairy on a Slump Sale Basis in March 2019 become multi product and get into mass segment.

Saikrupa  Dairy Private Limited was established in 1993. The company started operations in liquid pouch milk supply in the districts of Maharashtra. The company started with both cow and buffalo milk collection, processing and supplying in pouch. The brand “Krushnai “  for milk products and Brand “One” for liquid milk was launched in the beginning of the company life cycle.

shap-img Company Overview shap-img

100% Automated Process

The Milk is not touched by human hands. Entire process is Automated.

100% Cows Milk

Our milk is adulteration free. There is no mixing of different animal milks

100% Organic Fodder

Our cows are given 100% organic fodder to maintain the quality of milk.

Our Cows

A Balanced Diet is planned by MV Sc./PHD doctors to keep the cows healthy and to maintain the optimum quality of Organic Milk.

The cows are given a totally mixed ration that ensure they have a Balanced Diet which in turn makes them give high quality healthy Organic Milk.

At Blissfresh dairy, no Hormones, Pesticides or animal parts are used in feed. Our milk is strictly vegetarian (our fodder contains no bones or animal products).

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